Fruit juice is a product obtained from edible parts of one or more fruits mixed together. The fruit must be healthy, mature, fresh or frozen. Only things that can be added to fruit juice are: flavorings, fruit pulp or fruit tissue that is separated by physical processes from the same kind of fruit. Mixing fruit juice and fruit pulp is allowed in production of fruit juice, mixing fruit juice and fruit pulp is allowed.

Fruit juices can be:

- NFC ("not from concentrate") produced by directly squeezing fruit (Fruvita ONLY FRUIT & NOTHING MORE)
- FC ("from concentrate") produced produced from concentrate of one or several types of fruit (Fruvita 100% fruit juice)


Fruit nectars are products with fruit juice content ranging between 25% and 99%, which is made by adding water with or withouth sugar, citric acid, vitamins to fruit juice, fruit puree or a mix of these products.

Refreshing non-alcoholic drinks – refreshing non-alcoholic drinks (fruit drinks) is a product which consists of water, sugar (sweeteners), with or withouth fruit juice, flavors,allowed aditives, and can be enriched with vitamins and minerals. Fruit juice content in refreshing non-alcoholic drinks most often is up to 25% and can be produced as carbonated and non-carbonated.

100% fruit juice contains only naturally occurring sugars.

Persons with diabetes must come to a decision whater to consume the 100% fruit juice, in consultation with their doctor, because of the specificity of their condition.  
What we can confirm is that SUCROSE – WHITE SUGAR is NOT added to Fruvita 100% fruit juices.

Carefully selected, washed and ground fruit is squeezed on a striped continuous press which is an integral part of the most modern line for squeezing fruit, followed by pasteurization of freshly squeezed juice and filling in aseptic packaging.

Concentrated fruit juice is a product that is obtained from fruit juice of one or more types of fruit by physically separating a certain amount of water.

No. None of the products in our current product assortment contains any sweeteners.

Фруктовые соки содержат витамины из фруктов с добавлением витамина C, который выступает в роли антиоксиданта.
Фруктовые напитки Hello! содержат витамины, которые указаны на этикетке.

Strawberries, sour cherries, peaches, apricots, pears and apples.

Aseptic technology allows that a sterile (thermically pre-processed) product is filled in a sterile packaging on a production line.

RDA (recommended daily allowance) or NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) represents the amount of vitamins or minerals that are taken with a certain type of food, and which satisfies basic daily requirements.

Hygiene management system including HACCP

Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015)

Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000: 2005)

Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000: 2005)

Pasteurization is a physical process of food preservation in which 100° C temperature is used for 30 minutes. There are several types of pasteurization:

LTLT (Low-Temperature-Long-Time) 60-65° C, 30 minutes

HTST (High-Temperature-Short-Time) 70-75 C, 30-45 seconds

UHT (Ultra-High-Temperature, flash pasteurization) 90-95° C, for 30 seconds

Fruvita uses HTST pasteurization.

Sterilization is a physical process of food preservation by using temperature above 100°C for several minutes.

They should be used within two days after opening, as recommended on the label.

FLOTTWEG line for squeezed apple juice production,

ROSSI and CATELLI line for fruit processing into puree.

We do not possess a certificate that covers the baby food segment, so it is up to the baby’s mother to decide whether to give our products to her baby.

The raw materials we use for the production of fruit juices do not contain ingredients of animal origin, therefore there is no contamination of the technological process. We are not under the obligation to investigate their presence, but to have health-safe products.

Fruit puree is a product (raw material) obtained by implementing phisical procedures such as mashing, crushing or grinding of the edible part of whole or peeled fruit without the extraction of juice.

No, our juices are made of fruit only.

PET packaging we use has a health certificate and, therefore, allows the products to have a longer shelf life defined by the manufacturer.

Our product categories have a defined 7 months shelf-life.

For the production of our squeezed juices we in Fruvita use the fruits from Smederevo and Grocka region. For 100% fruit juices produced from concentrate, quinces are imported from Turkey, oranges from Brazil, and red grapefruit from the USA.

Apple is added to all flavors of nectar category to make the product affordable in terms of price.

Yes, and if required also off-season.

Apple varieties we use are: Idared, Golden Delicious, Jonagold and Jonagored, apricots – Kecskemet rose, Roxana, New Jersey, peaches – Redhaven, Cresthaven and Suncrest. When it comes to pears, we choose the famous variety Willliams, and for sour cherries we choose Oblacinska.

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